Document Creation Exercise

Exercise 1: Creating a Table

Objective: Learn how to use ChatGPT to generate a table and use this to write reports and more

Task:Ask ChatGPT to create a table comparing the features of different Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Include columns for key features, uses, and advantages of each application. (Own examples are OK)

Drafting an Email

Exercise 2: Drafting an Email from research

Objective: Practice using ChatGPT to draft professional emails.

Task: Using this table create above, create an email using Chat GPT for your line manager .

Document Formatting

Exercise 3: Document Formatting for reports etc

Objective: Explore ChatGPT's capabilities for document formatting.

Task: Request ChatGPT to now export this into a format that can be used by in Microsoft Word to make a formal report such as document title, author's name, and date.

Then ask Chat GPT to provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a professional-looking cover page for a report using Microsoft Word. Specify the desired formatting elements, logos etc

Meeting Agenda Creation

Exercise 4: Meeting Agenda Creation from current document

Objective: Utilize ChatGPT to assist in creating a meeting agenda.

Task: Ask ChatGPT to help you generate a comprehensive meeting agenda for a team brainstorming session. Specify the meeting objectives, topics to be discussed, and time allocation for each agenda item around this report.

Task Prioritisation

Exercise 5: Task Prioritization from to do lists etc

Objective: Learn how ChatGPT can aid in task prioritization.

Task: Present ChatGPT with a list of tasks and their corresponding deadlines. Ask for advice on prioritizing the tasks based on urgency, importance, and dependencies.

Sample file to be included

  1. Prepare monthly financial report - Deadline: 3 days

  2. Review and update client database - Deadline: 2 days

  3. Conduct market research for new product launch - Deadline: 5 days

  4. Respond to customer inquiries via email - Deadline: 1 day

  5. Plan and organize team-building event - Deadline: 7 days

  6. Develop a presentation for the upcoming board meeting - Deadline: 4 days

  7. Coordinate logistics for office relocation - Deadline: 10 days

  8. Complete employee performance evaluations - Deadline: 6 days

  9. Research and propose cost-saving measures - Deadline: 4 days

  10. Schedule and conduct job interviews - Deadline: 3 days


Exercise 6: Summarize a document

Objective: Practice using ChatGPT to create shorter readable documents

Task: Provide ChatGPT with a sample transcript and ask it to generate concise and accurate notes and dot points summarizing the key discussion points, even ask it to limit the response to 100 words. Click this link for document.

Creative writing tasks

Exercise 7: Creative writing tasks

Objective: Practice using ChatGPT to assist writing a kids books

Task: Generate a prompt that will create an idea about a kids books and produce the first book / chapter

Writing blogs and Word count

Exercise 8: Writing blogs for your business

Objective: Using Chat GPT you can quickly write a framework for a blog

Task: Ask Chat GPT to write a blog no more than 500 words about a specific product or service in your company

· Note AI detectors on traditional search engines (eg google, Bing etc) can find blogs written by AI and they are starting to penalise this blogs with lower rankings .. Other tools such as Copy AI, Jasper AI etc can help write this to native language. This is not covered in this course.


Exercise 9 : Brain storming an Idea

Objective: Using Chat GPT to assist you in helping to generate ideas about a topic. Could be sales, management or anything you want

Task: Start with a topic. Create a prompt to get Chat GPT to brainstorming a idea with you. See how far it will go.

Idea generation

Exercise 10: Idea generation from brain storming

Objective: Using Chat GPT to assist you in helping to generate creative outputs from one idea from the brain storming exercise above.

Task: Start with idea and create prompt to expand on this for ideas on this (this will be based on your original prompt of course)

Language Translation

Exercise 11 : Change your text into another language

Objective: Using Chat GPT to assist you producing a different language

Task: chose the idea above and ask for summary in French. Then google this to see how it went.

Project Play

Exercise 12 : Your time to shine

Objective: Using Chat GPT role play some ways Chat GPT could help you

Task: Create your own prompts and free class chat. If you are stuck please call out